What To Do When You Get a DUI or DWI

What To Do When You Get a DUI or DWI

At U.S. Care, we strive to help adults, adolescents, children, and families with behavioral health services in Fairfax and Richmond. Our leadership team is exceptionally experienced and we are committed to you every step of the way. We have made it easy to get set up with us by providing just four quick steps to follow. If you recently got a DUI or DWI for driving under the influence or driving while impaired, we are available to offer guidance on what steps to take. Request services today.

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Reach Out to Our Team

Our dedicated staff at U.S. Care is here to guide you in the right direction if you get a DUI or DWI. We are promptly available by phone or email to discuss your case. Get in touch to request services today.

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What Kind of Offense Do You Have?

After your case is established with one of our experts, it is essential to determine if this is your first offense or if you have a history of multiple offenses. We want to ensure you are signed up for the right course so you can get back on a positive note.

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Register for Courses

Our DUI and DWI courses are designed to help you meet court-ordered requirements. Our classes also aid in support and our team wants you to have all the resources you need to ensure these incidents do not happen in the future. Request Services today!

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Why Choose Us?

Our team at U.S. Care wants to guide you through the process if you get a DUI or DWI. You can trust us that we have your best interest in mind, and we want to help set you up for success in your future! Read our success stories here.

If you have received a DUI or DWI and you are not sure how to proceed, get in touch with one of our experts at U.S. Care right away and we can put you on the right path. Our courses are created to support you with the help you need, and we can assist in getting you back on track. Read more about our DUI and DWI services.