Behavioral Health Services

We Help People Overcome Mental Health and Substance Abuse Challenges


At U.S. Care, we have been providing community-based behavioral health services since 2013, helping improve the lives of adults, adolescents, children, and families.


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Manage your symptoms and meet life’s challenges by improving your behavior and functioning and increasing life skills and coping skills through our Outpatient Therapy Service.

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Learn life skills and coping skills to overcome the challenges associated with major depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder diagnoses through our Mental Health Skill-Building Service.

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Keep your family together by improving and building communication and family unification skills through our Intensive In-Home, Intensive Family Preservation, and Supervised Visitation Services.


Take a break and get relief from caring for your child through our In-home Respite Service for youth. Help your children improve their social skills, discover and develop their talents, and develop coping skills through our Mentoring Service.

Services We Offer

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Outpatient Therapy

Therapeutic treatment provided to adults, children, and adolescents to improve behavior and functioning, reduce symptoms, and increase coping skills. Learn More.

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Mental Health Skill-Building Service

Provides goal-directed training to enable adults 18 years or older with significant psychiatric functional limitations to enable the clients achieve and maintain independence and community stability. Learn More.

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Intensive In-Home Services

Intensive in-home services for children and adolescents at risk of an out-of-home placement or are transitioning back home after an out-of-home placement. Learn More.

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In-Home Respite

We provide short-term, time-limited care, supervision, and support to youth for the purpose of providing relief to the primary caregiver while supporting the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of the youth and the family/guardian. Learn More.

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Behavioral Health Assessments

Comprehensive assessments to determine which service(s) would provide the most effective treatment plan for our clients. Learn More.

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Intensive Family Preservation Services

In-home and community-based services designed to help families develop the skills necessary to remain together. Learn More.

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Supervised Visitation

We offer two distinct services to support reunification and/or familial contact while maintaining the safety of children and youth. Learn More.

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Mentoring matches school-age children and teenagers with trained adults to provide a one-on-one relationship with a positive role model, decrease isolation, improve social skills, and provide academic supervision (if needed). Learn More.

Success Stories


Finding the light in life

Elaine’s struggle with her weight has made life hard. People who can see past it—like U.S. Care’s professionals—know her as a bright, smiling sweetheart, one of the most generous people they’ve met. Unfortunately, this generosity has been taken advantage of, and Elaine’s depression has wrecked her efforts to get healthy time and time again...

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Building skills leads to independence

Larry had a history of homelessness and psychiatric hospitalizations when he came to U.S. Care. He had moved through 5 different homes in 12 months, and had also been admitted to acute psychiatric services. Larry had difficulty managing his emotions, daily living skills, communication and social skills...

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Achieving wellness with behavorial changes

A client who was linked with U.S. Care had tremendous issues managing her physical care. Her depression caused her to ignore critical follow-through, and as a result, her health deteriorated and trips to the emergency room were commonplace. U.S. Care professionals have worked with this client to overcome symptoms and to methodically address the physical concerns...

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