Arthur Coleman

Arthur Coleman, MBA

Arthur Coleman, MBA


Arthur, with over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, entered the arena of social entrepreneurship and behavioral health as a result of experiences during his childhood. His initial meaningful exposure to people with mental health needs came when he volunteered at the Special Olympics while a teenager. He also learned from childhood interactions with his best friend’s adopted brother, who had intellectual and developmental disabilities, how love and support can prepare anyone to succeed in life.

“The love—both tough and gentle—that the family showered on all of their children was an unofficial education to us kids,” Arthur recalls. “From watching that, we learned to treat ‘our’ adopted brother just like one of us knuckleheaded kids, with no special treatment one way or the other - and he thrived. It’s those experiences that stick with you for the rest of your life. Now, I’m actually building on that experience to help as many people as I can through U.S. Care.” His mission at U.S. Care is to create the most supportive, inviting, progressive, and effective environment in which caregivers can thrive in supporting and assisting those requiring the highest level of care.

Arthur holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School.

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