Intensive Family Preservation Services for Families in Fairfax & Richmond

U.S. Care Offers Interventions for At-Risk Children and Adolescents

Emergency Response and Crisis Management

At U.S. Care, we provide time-limited family preservation interventions for children and adolescents who are at-risk of serious emotional disturbance. These services are typically provided in the home and include emergency response and crisis management, individual and family counseling, as well as the opportunity to learn life, parenting, and communication skills. Our Intensive Family Preservation Services can be requested and must be approved by your family’s case manager at the Department of Family Services. Get in touch with our licensed behavioral health professionals at U.S. Care today to learn more or to request our family preservation services.

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Intensive Family Preservation Services Include:

  • Emergency response and crisis treatment

  • Individual and family counseling

  • Learning life, parenting, and communication skills

  • Family case management assistance

These services may work in coordination with other services. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Meet Weekly With a Licensed Professional

When you are approved to receive the Intensive Family Preservation services from U.S. Care, one of our licensed behavioral health professionals in Fairfax or Richmond will meet with you one to three times per week, with each session lasting roughly three hours. These services must be authorized by the family and the family’s case manager at the Department of Family Services if covered by Children Services Act funding. Get in touch with our team at U.S. Care today with any question you may have or to request our services.

Intensive Family Preservation services are provided to eligible families in the home or at an agreed-upon and approved location in the community.

To find out if your family is eligible, speak with your case manager at the Department of Family Services today.

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Put Your Family First

When it comes to the health of your family, there is nothing more important. At U.S. Care, we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to give you and your children the best chance to succeed and have a happy family life. If your child is at risk of serious emotional disturbance, our licensed professionals can step in and provide our Intensive Family Preservation Services. To find out if you qualify, speak to your family case manager or get in touch with our behavioral health specialists at U.S. Care today.

General Questions

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