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Meet With a Licensed Professional In-Person or Via TeleHealth

All of the services offered at U.S. Care in Fairfax and Richmond begin with a clinical assessment. One of our experienced, compassionate, and licensed or license-eligible professional team members will meet with you in person or via TeleHealth to explore your current challenges and needs. Together you will determine which service or services will be best for the treatment of you or your child. After a comprehensive clinical evaluation, our team will provide a written report including findings and recommendations before joining you in a follow-up meeting to develop a treatment plan. To get started, contact us at U.S. Care today.

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A Behavioral Health Assessment:

  • Can be done in-person or via TeleHealth

  • Gives our team more information about your specific case

  • Will help the team at U.S. Care determine an effective treatment plan

  • Helps to measure progress or adverse reactions to treatment

  • Can be expected to last approximately two hours

Meet With a Behavioral Health Specialist

A Behavioral Health Assessment involves a meeting between one of our licensed professionals and a potential client in order to assess functioning, provide diagnosis, and make recommendations for treatment. These assessments include a comprehensive clinical evaluation that is designed to establish whether an individual meets criteria for a diagnosis or is in need of mental health services. It also can help guide treatment planning and measure progress or adverse reactions to treatment. If you’re interested in scheduling a Behavioral Health Assessment with U.S. Care, get in touch with us today.

Behavioral Health Assessments occur prior to the start of any of the services that we offer at U.S. Care and at any anniversary throughout treatment. Each assessment lasts around two hours, whether in-person or via TeleHealth, and is followed-up by a written report, necessary documentation, and a proposed treatment plan.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services or requesting a Behavioral Health Assessment for you and/or your child, contact U.S. Care in Fairfax or Richmond today.

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Behavioral Health Assessments

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When you schedule a Behavioral Health Assessment with one of the licensed professionals at U.S. Care, you are making the first step toward bettering your mental health or the behavioral health of your child. All potential clients are eligible for an assessment. Call U.S. Care to speak with a licensed professional today.

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